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What's New?

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This Week in Music!

Nov. 11, 2022

Just Back from Nerfa and ready to rock!

Tues 11/15 Dew Drop Inn Derby, CT

Thu 11/17 Bonfire Grille Milford, CT

Fri 11/18 Dive Bar West Haven, CT

Sat 11/19 Burke's Yonkers, NY

Studio Updates!

November, 11 2022

It's been close to one year since I started the recording process for this album! While it is finished, I've chosen to wait until Spring 2023 to release it. That gives me enough time to properly release it with a team I am building as we speak. I'll be heading back to Dirt Floor Studios next week to record an acoustic album that I will release on-line early 2023!


Vinyl of the Week!

November 14, 2022

Vinyl of the Week will be continued soon!

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